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My experience at University Village CA Social Security Office – Lelan

Your Name (Can Be Annomous): Lelan A……
Your Experience: Office was well organized and very clean.  One customer was loud and angry, and security officers kept watching him, understanding his frustration, and kept the situation professionally under control.  These officers should be recognized and train officers how they manage people.

My number was not called, I have excellent hearing. I reported the current numbers in my series was 5-integers above my hand held receipt number.

The officers said they will investigate the matter and asked me to be seated and wait.
About 20 minutes later, the numbers called continued rise.  I requested the same officers to look further into the matter.  They did, and instructed where I should sit where I could easily hear and walk a very short distance when my name and number is called.  I was told it may take a while.

2-minutes later I was being called and served!  I thanked the officers for their support and professionalism.

At the window, I was told no one is in the office to help me, and the office will close in 1-hour, 12-noon.  I was referred to be seated, then I was called a second time, and my oral application was performed, saving me bus fare and time!!!

When I left, I thanked the officers, again, for all of their friendly and professional, manners, courtesy and good-nature.

Once I reached the parking lot I met a customer, and had a great conversation about the high-level of professionalism we both experienced independently.  She offered to take me home!  I have never “hitched” a ride in my life….but now, I cannot say that in truth.  I think we will become lifelong friends.

I want to thank the Human Resources Department for their participation selecting and retaining a great security force.  In addition, considering I was interviewed, twice, during a “shirt-Shift of 3-hours” I applaud the window customer employees for their fine and detailed services….and patience helping me. I was not, surprisingly, treated “as a number.”  I could over-hear their tone and clear responses to other customers, and I was treated with the same gentle, caring voice when my turn arrived.

I had a very positive and wonderful experience at the University Village office.

Lelan A….

Your Social Security Office City: University Village 
Your Social Security Office State: CA
Your Wait Time: 1 hour

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