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  1. Doing a search online, I hit a page that said my friend, Terry B, needed proof of my SSN. He was told that a letter to him from the Social Security office, with his SSN printed right on it, w as not good enough. He was told he needed “proof of ID and that a signed treatment record from a doctor would work. Well, you can’t be treated by a doctor without a photo ID. It’s like a going in a circle. The DMV said they wouldn’t issue a photo ID without an actual SS Card, and he has lost his.
    What he can’t understand is why a letter from Social Security with his SSN is no good enough. What is he supposed to do? All he needs is a photo ID so he can open a bank account for his Social Security and SSI checks to be directly deposited. Please help him. He is disabled, and I am his “helper.”

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