Am confined to my home,, unable to get to our local Social Security Office

Q) I am a 100% VA disabled veteran, (permanent, total and confined to my home) due to combat wounds received in Korea and South Viet Nam. Am confined to my home (declared home bound) and am unable to get to our local Social Security Office as all available telephone numbers have been disconnected or ring busy all day during normal hours.

Have waited on a 800 telephone line for over 6 hours waiting for someone to answer. I finally got through after calling 8 times and waiting on the telephone for over 12 hours. I reported my dear wife’s death and they were to have called me back with instructions. It has been over two weeks and no telephone call.

Please, Sir, is there not a way I can make an appointment with our local Social Security Office here in Fayetteville, NC and go in and get this done properly without having to wait hours and hours on a telephone and getting nothing done, as no one answers it or I am disconnected with a fast busy signal. IT MUST BE DONE and I CANNOT get it done Please help me with some valid instructions or make me an appointment at my local Social Security Office. I do not know what to do.

I went to my local Social Security Office and waited 7 hours in line and they closed the door on me telling me to come back after the holidays. Please remember, I am totally disabled and needed to be admitted in a medical facility after waiting so long.

Cannot some kind soul PLEASE HELP ME WITH THIS TRAVESTY! So I can get this done properly. I can get a neighbor to take me to one (appointment) at most any time.

A) We hope you local Social Security office will reach out to you to review your case. We also hope you can get some assistance from family or friends in accompanying you to your local social office and speak on your behalf if you cannot reach them by phone. Please also reach out to your local VA office for assistance.

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