My experience at Marianna FL Social Security office V.G.

Your Experience: My experience was very good. I took a book but met a friend and had conversation instead. I took my birth certificate to have my name change because I had married. The spelling of my first name was changed on my new card. I had gotten my first at the age of 14. I had never noticed but I had always spelled my first name as Vicki. The lady who helped me at the S.S. office noticed the spelling on my first name from my birth certificate is actually Vike. I was surprised and she was also. All these years and now that I am 59 we noticed a difference in the spelling. Well, I was ok with that but when I got to the Tag Office, they wouldn’t accept the s.s. card and went with the spelling of Vicki. So…. that is cause\ing me some problems with other areas of my life and I fear that when am of age to sign up for benefits with different spellings on s.s. card and driver’s lic. I plan to come in next week, just wanted to let you know what’s going on. My number is 263………… Many thanks ….Vicki G………..
Your Social Security Office City: marianna
Your Social Security Office State: florida
Your Wait Time: 30 minutes or less
Your Name: Vicki G…

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