My experience at Monroe LA Social Security Office – anon

Your Name (Can Be Annomous): anonymous
Your Experience: if u call ss 866 815 8715 extension 2934 Abrams why is the only options is to either rerecord or replay, how stupid is that. im absolutely sure im the millionth one who complained about it,, it took me forever to figure out if i hit the pound key i will get the full list of options which includes send option only our united states government would come up with such mean mean tactics to discourage ppl from calling social security WHICH THEY PAID FOR. IF  someone don’t figure out to hit the pound key they are just out of luck and will not be able to leave a message oh i don’t want to forget Abrams is the only one who can take a call to report a death and they made sure id have a long long long long wait and so had to leave my  number we can only take so much. how many tactics does our government use on us before they say enough is enough so sad to see such deceptive minds. ty

im sure they know if im transferred to extension 29341 for Mrs Abrams ,it has no zip none option to send the message. im sure they had many complaint by now and don’t care the only option is to listen to message or rerecord message maybe its a joke to get a laugh for the day who know i finally figured out to his the criss cross number thingy sign to get more options so finally get options to send the message
im super tired of the government trying to discourage us from using social security by making excruciating to figure out how to use the system im getting real sick of the government when it comes to helping ppl get what they paid for by pulling stupid stupid tricks on the phone, i may sound mad, i am mad. so im venting

Your Social Security Office City: Monroe
Your Social Security Office State: Louisiana
Your Wait Time: five min

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