My experience at Baltimore MD Social Security Office M.P.

Your Experience: I entered Benson Avenue SSA office before 9:00 a.m. My ticket number was S25. Before people were called, the tv screen displayed where the call out was going to begin. My letter started at S17, which it took about a hour and 5 minutes to get to S23. Other numbers were called and S23 did not change to S24 until like 30-35 minutes later. So its about 10:40 or so and patience wearing thin due to it took to see two hours to ONLY seven people before me. I had to get to work at 12pm., but I should have been next, until my number was skipped and the screen displayed S46. I found that to be ridiculous. I was late to work and my pay was doc. This jeopardize my clean track of not being late to work. I did not accomplish anything yesterday because I left the SSA office, my number was called ten minutes after I left at 10:56am. My benefits have stop and I am unable to pay my rent thats due this week or able to obtain transportation to get to the SSA office again for my redeterimination just because of this reason. This situation could have been handled yesterday. Now, I have no idea of how to get to school, work, or the SSA building again with no funds. The customer service is poor and the wait time is disgusting to say the least. I wish I could talk to somebody about this because it is displeasing to come somewhere early and than wait like you doing a job sitting for hours.
Your Social Security Office City: Baltimore
Your Social Security Office State: Maryland
Your Wait Time: 2 hours
Your Name: Marvin P…..

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