My experience at Washington DC Social Security Office – Rosemarie

Your Name (Can Be Anonymous): Rosemarie O..
Your Experience: I am reporting the arrogant and intimidating behavior of the security guard at the M St. location.  At a little past noon today, 10/24/14, I returned to the  SS office to submit 2 documents as advised by Ms. Lewis, who had assisted me earlier that morning . Ms. Lewis  had assured me that there was no  need for appointment. Upon my return, I found a grouchy guard slouched on the chair near the front door. I informed him  about having to see Ms. Lewis but since I didn’t have an appointment, he asked me to fall in line.  I politely asked him if it’s possible to call Ms. Lews since I just needed to hand over a document.  At that point he snarled at me and in a very intimidating manner demanded who I think should call Ms. Lewis. There was so much rage on his face that for  a moment I thought he was going to shoot me. He only calmed down when I told him “no problem.” That was a scary moment and regrettable, because in all my interactions with your personnel, Ms. Lewis, and before her, Mr. Oscar Salas, I have always enjoyed excellent customer service, utmost professionalism, kindness, and courtesy. I’m not sure if I just caught the guard at a bad time, or he has personal  issues, or perhaps he was hungry since it was past lunchtime, but certainly there is a need to train your security guards on respectful behavior in the workplace as they are your front line workers and a major contributor to the image  that your organization projects to the public. Thank you for your kind attention.
Rosemarie Ong, EdD.
Your Social Security Office City: Washington
Your Social Security Office State: District of Coumbia
Your Wait Time: 5 minutes

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