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My experience at Albuquerque NM Social Security Office G.N.

Your Experience: 6/27/2014 1:20PM REF: 1417*************9
To Whom It May Concern: I had an unpleasant experience while trying to apply for a Social Security Card for my daughter in law at the 4300 Cutler NE, Albuquerque, NM office. We were given a Ticket number A277 on 6/27/2014 10:24:00. After the ticket number was announced, we were assigned to a clerk named A… G….. She asked us with a sarcastic tone said;, “what are you here for”. We told her that we needed to apply for a Social Security Number for my daughter in law (T, N, D,,, N,,,,,) and that she had come from Vietnam after approval from Homeland Security to marry my son (C… N……) upon arrival to the United States and that they were married on 6/25/2014. In response, in a hostile voice she asked us if we had immigration papers. We said yes but what kind of immigration papers, that we had several. A…. then really got annoyed and repeated “immigration paper”. She kept repeating “immigration paper” and that we don’t give Social Security Numbers to illegal immigrants. I then gave her a passport, birth certificate, marriage license and I-94 etc. All of a sudden she said still in a sarcastic voice; “this is what I need” is the immigration paper (the passport) and stated she didn’t need anything else. When entering the information into her computer she recanted and asked to see her birth certificate and marriage certificate. When I said I thought you didn’t need the other papers, she responded by saying “Would you like to have someone else help you”. So I kept quiet after that. She continued to enter data into the computer and finally got the help of another co-worker (T…….. S……..). We were told that it would take up to 45 days to process the paper work and that it had to be sent to Homeland Security for verification.  I asked t……… if she was the supervisor and she responded no. I asked A…. for her supervisor and she gave me 866-…..-2….. Ext. 1…..0. All I got was a recording at the number and no returned calls. Her co-worker (T… S……) was very knowledgeable and was a pleasant person to talk to.
Thanks for your time,
Guy N………….
Your Social Security Office City: 4300 Cutler NE, Albuquerque
Your Social Security Office State: New Mexico 87110
Your Wait Time: 3 Hours

Your Name: Guy N…………

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  1. I will make sure Joe Biden contact you and see whats going on with my case

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