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My experience at Las Cruces, NM Child Support office B

Your Experience: Don`t know what to do…we try to Change the first Name of our daughter on her social security Card because the Hospital put the wrong one in the system after she was born. in advance we contact the SSO in LC to make sure we have all the papers we Need. so we took a day of and all the papers we Need and drove to LC. after a longer waiting time (wich is aspekted) we god told that the information a wrong. we wher short on the shot record to proof that our Baby is not a fake!!?? really a shot record?? 
the Lady from the SSO also told us to send all the documents via mail even the Driver licence and she told us we don’t have to be there. but this is the absolutely opposite of we got told the first time. she was not willing to tell us here Name or to writ us down what we Need. 
now we are not sure what to do we got no support from the SSO and just wrong and confusing information. i don´t want to waste a nother day of vacation pay a babysitter and the fule to drive to LC.
I Thing ist more than unfair to get treated from a GOV Institution like this. if you can help me out call me …..
Your Social Security Office City: Las Cruces
Your Social Security Office State: NM
Your Wait Time: 65 min
Your Name: Bec……

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One Response to What can i do to speed up the disability adjudication

  1. Would you please stops taking taxes out of my social security. I sent a letter to stop this.

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