My experience at New York NY Social Security Office – Kathleen

Your Name (Can Be Anonymous): Kathleen K Graham
Your Experience: I have been applying for my Social Security Replacement card now more than 2 1/2 years due to: my purse was snatched at the Port Authority, NYC on Jan 6, 2013!  I have reapplied at least three times, with applications and necessary replacement documents, that, were in fact approved previously. I had no problem in the past receiving my replacement card and, I have not yet used the (allowed) 10 Replacement cards.  This, I believe is discrimination!  This delay also delays many other necessary applications and, is more than an inconvenience.  I AM A SENIOR! White/Caucasian, and a PRIORITY for housing etc. Yet this delay has also delayed at least three housing applications, one now pending. The inconvenience of having my purse snatched is one thing, but added with this inconvenience is another.  I find this extremely disappointing, at this age, to be subjected to this kind of difficulty.
Your Social Security Office City: 755 Second Avenue
Your Social Security Office State: New York, New York
Your Wait Time: 2 1/2 year delay