My experience at Dayton OH Social Security Office – Anonymous

Your Name (Can Be Anonymous): Anonymous
Your Experience: I have renol failure. I was told 3 months ago that I was approved and that I would be getting a check soon, but every- time I am told this by my case worker a week or so later she is sending me something telling me she needs more paperwork. Then when I take it back in she tells me again that a check will be coming.  I still have not received a check yet.  I am going through medical issues behind this.  I does not make since to me why it is taking her so long.  Another worker entervened and said that  he was taking too long with my case but my case worker came back and stopped what she had done.  I am getting very ill behind this. It does not make any since to me.  She could have told me all at once what I needed to bring in instead of telling me to bring in one item every other week or two.
Your Social Security Office City: Dayton
Your Social Security Office State: Ohio
Your Wait Time: 2 hours or more

Time: October 14, 2015 at 12:58 pm

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