My Experience at Hermitage PA Social Security Office – T.M.

Your Experience: I went to apply for my sons social security card at the local office and was upset to find out the ridiculous wait time.  Since my son is adopted we had to wait for his adoption decree and birth certificate in order to apply for the card.  I could only go on Monday due to work and had to take my kids. My son is 1 year old and daughter is 12 years old. I did sign in to get a ticket but started to look around the room at the amount of people waiting (standing room only.) I then asked the worker how long the wait would approximately be…an hour and a half.  How do you expect children to wait at that office for that length of time?  Why is there not separate lines for different circumstances? I attempted to call the number given to see about making an appointment instead but a half hour later I was  not even able to speak to a human being! The automated system does not work properly and you are not given an option to use the number pad to get to the appropriate situation.  I wasn’t even get the option to speak with an operator. Very Poor experience!!!  When you work full-time you are limited in how long and when to can spend waiting to be seen!
Your Social Security Office City: Hermitage
Your Social Security Office State: PA
Your Name: Tawney M….

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