My experience at Rutland VT Social Security Office – Sarah

Your Name (Can Be Anonymous): Sarah l……
Your Experience: I sent in requested documents for a replacement  Social Security card to tracy b……  mid august. I was told several times that she had processed my replacement card and had mailed back the document. I have not received the replacement SS card. I have not received the document that she said she mailed back to me. Ms B……left a message on my telephone today stating that she
could not be of further assistance to me. I have tried to talk to her to no avail for 2 weeks now wondering where the SS card was in transit.
I have a message on the supervisors phone today Sept 16.. I hope this supervisor calls me back promptly. It is amazing to me that I have no document returned nor my SS card…beginning this process in mis August. Is there a way to check and find out if indeed the card has been processed? Is it reasonable to tell a SS recipient that the agent processing the replacement SS card can be of no further assistance in these circumstances,,,???
Thank you
Sarah L……..
Your Social Security Office City: Rutland
Your Social Security Office State: vermont
Your Wait Time: 20 min

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