My experience at Winston-Salem NC Social Security Office – anon

Your Name (Can Be Anonymous): anonymous
Your Experience: All of these people should be fired and replaced with folks that really want to help people. These government employees are very rude, do not like clarifying any information you may not understand, and most importantly, act like YOU are an interruption to THEIR day! Their job, it seems, is NOT TO HELP you get the benefits coming to you but rather to come up with any way they can think of to keep you from receiving what you have earned from working 45-50 years! And, if you finally do get your first social security check, don’t expect it to be the amount they told you it would be. It will be much less! The way these people treat retirees and widows of retirees is disgraceful.
Your Social Security Office City: winston salem, nc
Your Social Security Office State: north carolina
Your Wait Time: 2 hrs

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