My experience at Brooklyn NY Social Security Office – Deborah

Your Name (Can Be Anonymous): Deborah Pressey
Your Experience: I ARRIVED  to the office at 7:30  am Monday morning AUGUST  was  let in at  8:30  called promply at 9:05 bearing number A15. this was my second experience at the office so I attempted to tell the agent what i was told to bring. abruptly I was told that i could not be found in the system when did I come what was it for where was I seen . THEN was told in a condesending manner I need nothing but your number and ID  wait to be called. this was at window eight . at  eleven (11) OCLOCK I WAS CALLED BACK TO THE SAME WINDOW HANDED MS  BOYCE MY CERTIFIED DOCUMENT SHE COPIED IT AND THAT CONCLUDED  MY VISIT . I WOULD LIKE TO UNDERSTAND WHY THAT COULD NOT HAVE BEEN DONE AT FIRST. AND IF IT COULDN’T HAVE BEEN DONE AT FIRST WHY SUCH A LONG WAIT , DISREGUARDING THE LONG WAIT WHY THE ABRUPT MANNER?
Your Social Security Office City: 1871 Rockaway Pkwy Brooklyn
Your Social Security Office State: New York
Your Wait Time: twio  hours  fourty five minutes

Time: August 24, 2015 at 2:38 pm

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