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My experience at Richmond VA Social Security Office – Eric

Your Name (Can Be Anonymous): Eric
Your Experience: After our wedding on 12-31-14 we had started the process of changing my wife’s name to my last name. We sent in the forms and also spoke to the office directly. We were told to just send in our original license with the form and that is all that was needed. We did this and a few days later received the letter back stating we did not provide the necessary information. I called again and spoke to Ms. G*********e who reiterated all I need is the original raised seal marriage license. I was adamant about asking if anything else needed to accompany my original license. Again I sent the forms back and again they were rejected. When I called again I was told that it is because another form of ID needed to be sent along with the license. I wish people would get their facts straight and we would have had this already. Now I am told they have it but it takes 10 days. The problem is my wife and I are flying on the 17th and it is the 9th. No time to change her driver’s license in time to fly and the tickets are in my name her ID shows maiden name and it may be a problem. Thank you SSA.
Your Social Security Office City: Richmond
Your Social Security Office State: VA
Your Wait Time: absurd

Time: March 9, 2015 at 10:38 am

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7 Responses to I am disabled, received benefits when my father died, My mother died……….

  1. i turn 65 in september.i plan on working untill feb.2022.when should i call in to turn on my security benefits on jan. 1 2022.

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