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I have continued to work after drawing full retirement, benefit has not increased.

Q) I have continued to work after drawing full retirement, and have been paying into the system. My benefit has not increased. Why?

A) According to the Social Security Administration website; You can work while you receive Social Security retirement (or survivors) benefits. When you do, it could mean a higher benefit for you in the future. Higher benefits can be important to you later in life and increase the future benefit amounts your family and your survivors could receive.

While you are working, your earnings will reduce your benefit amount only until you reach your full retirement age. After you reach full retirement age, we recalculate your benefit amount to leave out the months when we reduced or withheld benefits due to your excess earnings. read more

If you continue to work while you are getting benefits, we automatically check your record every year to see whether the additional earnings will increase your monthly benefit. If there is an increase, we will send you a letter telling you your new benefit amount. read more

For more clarification please visit or call your local social security office and speak with a counselor.

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  1. I have a son, age 19, diagnosed with Autism at a young age. He has a caseworker through the Department of Human Services which has provided him with Medical Assistance health coverage. I was told by his case manager that now that he is 19 years old that he had to apply for Social Security. The case manager told me he will be denied, but that it was required of him to apply. I am trying to find out what form to file out in order for him to apply for Social Security benefits. Can someone please send me a link or directions on what form I need to fill out.

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  1. I had a very bad experience at the NLV office , as a disabled /ssi ssdi since 2011, out of the blue i get ( i will not trouble you with details only that someone in that office attempted to change my direct express acct to another financial institution with out my consent or knowledge , I only learned of this by chance when the Richland ,Calif . office sent me a letter stating my account had been changed “as requested ” for me to wait x amount of time before using or making any transactions ….I never requested anything and I cant even use a bank if i wanted to , I immediately that instant wrote two letters ( trying to get phone call there impossible and In was already having issues over other suspicious activity there leading to myself avoiding any contact personally there as possible because (believe me I ‘ll not elaborate plenty of other funny business led up to this one incident and it really got worse from here enough said for now. I halted or reversed this change and checked Direct Express no funds were missing , however I wish I had not stopped this action and waited to see if any losses occured because then it would have been Bank Fraud (*so direct express informed me* ) instead of attempted bank fraud…
    I know the person who did this and I suspect the office mgr and another counselor to be involved also ,,I suspect at the worst end of the possibilities ,a low key scam going on maybe using multiple clients ?? . My situation seemed eerily similar to that of the recent in office arrest of a counselor in the main office in Baltimore , almost everything leading up to and occurring was ibn step with at person. Basically moving /tampering with numerous peoples acct info and deposits ,not taking big amounts just many small almost unnoticeable amounts which can really add up over time . A long story longer I made 3 documented formal complaints regarding this misuse or mishandling of my account ,btw I have proof the letter from the other office in Richmond ,Ca , as well as the things leading up to this acct . action to the main office in Baltimore,Md
    The only response back Ive had from SSI is the CG emails confirming my complaints had been registered. That was 6 months ago and still nothing , Of couyrse as a victim we all think whatever we are complianing about is important , but in my case I feel it truel was even if no damage occured to my account,it was still attempted and totally out of proper protocol especiall by people we are supposed to trust and who have access to our most important informaatin .
    After making these complaints (aprox. 2 weeks ) retaliation (or what I percieve to be ) began to occur , They send a letter telliing me I was to receive $71.00 more a month due to my Exe “wifes “income . I say ex because we are now divorced but at the time we were separated with her living various places , coming back ,leaving again the vicious cycle, I was staying in a studio apartment behind our house with her in the main house .
    I ghet aletter stating and extra $71.00 I ‘d be getting due to my wifes income wth ever, I declined that amount because we weren’t a couple ,i paid all bills btw ,I didnt want any complications from that and her I wanted nothing to do with the woman period . I was told by this person I had to take the amount or lose my SSDI . I did as told , then literally the following week I get a letter statin I was to be losing my SSDI beginning in May due to (falsly accused (with zero evidence ,proof ,rumor or anything , not even a recept or an allegation given me to this day )They were taking the very thing I neeed to survive , the following week I get another letter stating they were making me repay $7,284 in over payment for 2017-2018 stating my wife and I shared income , same reasons I mentioned earlier ,My proof of otherwise wasnt not good enough for them …(Ill spare that scenario ) When i went into the office to make an appeal , I was lucky enogh to cath the office mgr , nas well as the two counsulors who commited thes actions , I sternly but respectfully demsanded answers to who ,why was my account messed with without my permission, I was called a liar as I stood on the other side of the glass with the letter to prove it , the office mgr refused to read it or accept it ,Earlierb they had requested I send them originals no copies of my utility bills and that they would be returned promptly ,after 3 mnonths I had yet to get them back ,when I asked for those the office mgr . left ,went into the back and soon returned with copies of those bills , me being me and holding a person to their word I refused the copies and asked for my originals only no copies ,the mgr rsponed in a very rude demeaner .,”we dont have them ‘” well what did you use make those copies from , we went back and forth for a few seconds thenI went to the window to fill out my appeals forms ,while almost but not yet done and while questioning a question on that form I asked this office manager to clarify , it was then he motioned for security to have me removed from the building . I never raised my voice or acted disrespecxtfully in any shape or form ,security came up nd me placed his hand on my shoulder , as I said remove your hand from me sir Ive done nothing wrong , I stood up and with security in lock step made my way to the doorstill not finished filling out my appeal . I should have called the cops it wqas a government public building I was not creating a distraction to others nor being rude to those I was having issues with ,it should all,be on camera , I was getting one letter per weeek from Febuary thru May ,by this point I was sio frustrated and angry I wanted to avoid this crew all together but I still needed my $288.00 just to make my bills and a repayment of the $7,284.00 for being falsly accused of things I never did do ,I wasgoing to fight with every ounce of my being ….I gave them moreb information ,more proof and another threat that I had already reporrted them to Baltimore office , when as if there was possibly som action taken by SSI on this bunch I get a letter stating my SSDI would be reinstated but that I would still have to repay the $7,284 .00 as if they had to save face by not letting themselves be known to falsly judge asomeone with no proof , they also said in the same letter that my appeals had been canceled , WAIT can they cancel an appeal just because they wanted to ?I thought that was my choice to cancel an appeal I was looking forward to getting them in a face to face situation before an unbiased (if such a thing )different people other than these) the problems continued …I get another letter telling me the appeal that they had said they canceled …was reviewed without me being there or my knowledge ,last I heard was they canceled the appeal ..I have the letters now they are telling me tehy reviewed it and i didnt meet their criteria nor gave proof to the otherwise …..W H AT !!!!I I was ready to fight this asnd they fought it without me and lied too I had musterd up more proof to the contrary of their allegations . I do so apoligise for all this but felt I had to set the stage ….I filtered out SOOOO much other stuff…..Instead of going to that office because of obvious reasons …being kicked from a public building for doing nothing I still may call an attorney ,they have video ….I mailed them my DIVORCE PAPERS , Pictures of the studio Apartment I lived in when the exe was here , what reciepts and dates I could come up with ,BTW their main thing harped on during this was for me to come up with rental receipts of where m,y exe wife lived , I ask you ,how many children make their mothers sign rental receipts or charge their mother rent when living with the kids …….with 3 grand kids ,she was a live in care taker , she was also a very much need person for me as well Imepileptic and to this day I did someone here if not to be there when I fall ….; PLEASE MY QUESTION FINALLY Who /where / can I turn to again make my complaints known and for those who are in power to look into these peoples actions on and against me ? I feel if Ive been ignored …..They re instated SSDI , ,while Im barely getting by , I am getting by because that $71.00 negative was made up for by an increase in my snap benifits, so Im not getting as much but close enough to have $10.00 -$20.00 fter monthly bills ./
    Question # 2 >>>>>Can I see or go to a different SSI office with my case , or handling of my affairs regarding My SSDI etc . I do not feel comfortable at the NLV SSI office , The packet I sent them in May I just got back last week with a letter stating I can appeal …I want to appeal again ….crazy they cancel my appeals ….then say I didnt pass my appeal …This cant be the SSI office usual -way of handling people …..And I want nothing to do with those at NLV SSI office ,I still believe theres something there that needs an investigation , btw they event sent special investigators to my home ,they were nice ,a lot nicer than those at that office …Thank you very very much I pray you arent like they were and will give me as much “Go TO ” information as you can
    Ed J. Gongre

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