Is there any way to get a temporary Social Security Number?

Q) My wife is in the United States as an Alien Resident with an Immigrant Visa foil in her passport. Her Green Card and Social Security Card are being processed and should be in the mail to us within 120 days. The visa in her passport clearly states that she may live, work, and study in the US and that the visa acts as her green card until it arrives in the mail. However, applying for a NAF position in the USAF (I’m active duty) they’re asking for a Social Security Number. Is there any way to get a temporary SSN or a letter stating what her SSN is, just until her official SSN card comes in? Thanks for your help.

A) You will not be able to get a temporary social security number but you can get a Temporary Social Security Card Print Out. Usually it can take up to 120 before you get a social security card in the mail. You can visit your local social security office and ask for a social security number printout. This print out can be used until the card has been sent to your home. For security reasons you can’t generate this print out online. You will need to visit your local social security office and request this print out.

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