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Claims social security in California but lives in Michigan

Q) L****** D***** G**** lives in holland michigan but he claims social security in California to get more money. I think he gives the address of 4*** w s** j*** Dr, Fresno California he takes a train out there too California goes into the ss office and gives them a California address then gets back on the train and comes back too Michigan and lives in Michigan year round. California pays more in disability that’s why he lies and says he lives in California but if you check his bank account all his money is spent In Michigan year round.

A) According to the Social Security Administration: You can use this online form to report allegations of fraud, waste, and abuse concerning SSA programs and operations. Our office also addresses allegations of criminal activity and serious misconduct involving Social Security employees. Moreover, we have jurisdiction to investigate allegations of work and assets concealment, representative payee misuse and trafficking of Social Security numbers and cards.

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If you are working can you still collect disability

Q) If you are working can you still collect disability A) “Social Security has special rules called work incentives that allow you to test your ability to work and still receive monthly Social Security disability benefits.” According to Social Security Administration – Social Security pays benefits to people who cannot work because they have a medical condition that… Continue Reading

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  1. I would like to make an appointment to visit your 29 Davenport St Somerville location to get earnings report and to apply for Retirement. I tried online but it will not accept my personal information. I’ve tried many times to connect over the phone with the 1800-772-1213 but it continually disconnects me. Can I visit without an appointment?

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