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 I need a copy of my SSD hearing ALJ O. Eugene Powell Jr in Columbia.

Q) I need a copy of my SSD hearing before ALJ O. Eugene Powell Jr in Columbia, SC on or about Sep 26 2007, which is the date of my Notice of Decision – Fully Favorable. For some reason, I have yet to receive backpay all the way back to July 2, 1997, as ordered by Judge Powell.
I would also appreciate any directions regarding where in the Social Security Administration I should address my grievance.
I am in NO WAY objecting to my decision. I simply want to get my backpay. (Note: in my decision, it is noted this decision would result in past-due benefits.)

A) Please contact your local social security office or clerk of the court where hearing was conducted and make your request for your SSD hearing.

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  1. My husband has now become legal blind, he receives his regular SS check
    monthly. Being he is now become legally blind and can not drive himself around, and do somethings for himself, Is he eligible for a increase from Social Security?

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