My grand baby was born premature. Does she qualify for a Social Security check.

Q) My grand baby was born premature weigh 3 lbs and her lungs wasn’t fully developed. Do she qualify to receive a check.

A) According to Social Security Administration these are the requirements to receive Social Security benefits?

Many people think of Social Security as just a retirement program. Although it is true that most of the people receiving Social Security receive retirement benefits, many others get Social Security because they are:

Disabled, or
A spouse or child of someone who gets Social Security; or
A spouse or child of a worker who died; or
A dependent parent of a worker who died.
Each type of benefit has different requirements and depending on your circumstances, you may be eligible. We want you to understand what Social Security can mean to you and your family’s financial future. Our publication Understanding The Benefits explains the basics of the Social Security retirement, disability and ­survivors insurance programs.

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