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Is the private medi-gap coverage insurance also retroactive?

Q) My wife and I registered for only Medicare Part A a few years ago, since she was covered at work under her group health plan.

Now, she will be separated from employment as of Oct. 1st.

We have completed both the 40 B and and L 564 forms, and they are signed by her former employer. we intend to file them via mail today. We now understand it may be weeks or up to 60 days before our filing is approved.

I also understood from my discussions with your representative, that:

1. we may use a Medicare confirmation letter acknowledging our Medicare filing to show health care providers in the interim.

2. our coverage with medicare’s part B will be retroactive to the date (October 1st) we entered on question 14 on the 40 B form.

3. since I understand we cannot file for private medigap insurance until we receive Medicare approval, is the private coverage also retroactive?

A) It is important to get in touch with your insurance agent to see how your private plan fits with Medicare medical insurance.

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