My experience at Devils Lake ND Social Security Office – Anon

Your Name (Can Be Anonymous): Anon
Your Experience: It was horrible! I have been back and forth to that SS Office in Devils Lake, and I still have no assurance that they are going to give me my Social Security Number. The woman who works there, the one working on the only available window, doesn’t know what she is doing! The first time I went there, I filled up an application for a SS Number, and then gave it to her. And then she said that the system is down and that she won’t be able to process my SS Number application, so she tells me to leave my application there with my contact number. She said that she’d call if ever there was a problem regarding my application, she never called so I assumed that my application was properly filed. But then after two weeks I still don’t have my SS number!! S decided to go back there. This time, she told me a different problem and that she will work on it. She said that there was something wrong with my name or something. The ‘computer’ apparently wasn’t accepting my name, or something like that. She told me that she’d work on it and that I probably could get my social security number a week pr two after that. But nothing happened! After two weeks, I still didn’t get it!! I went back there AGAIN, this time THERE IS STILL A PROBLEM. DOESN’T SHE KNOW WHAT SHE’S DOING?! She strikes me as a dumb person that doesn’t know how to do her job properly. My parents’ SS number application before were flawless and I don’t understand why she has so many problems regarding my application. She even accused me of being a fugitive. I’m like, what the hell? I just got here. The last time I went there, she told me to call DHS and ask them on how they spelled my name. What the heck?! Isn’t that her job? SHE IS LAZY. It seems that she is only trying to process my application evey time I show up at their office in Devils Lake. I am beginning to wonder if this might be a form of discrimination. I think she isn’t taking me seriously because I am an Asian. I am just trying to suppress my anger whenever she gives excuses why my application hasn’t been pushing through. I need that SS Number! ASAP! I can’t proceed with so many things because it needs a SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER!!!!!!! AND THAT LADY HAS DONE NOTHING TO FIX THIS PROBLEM.
Your Social Security Office City: Devils Lake
Your Social Security Office State: North Dakota
Your Wait Time: 15-30 minutes

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