I need a copy of a state department letter I provided to SS when applied for benefits – the representative made a copy of it for my file. How do I do this or who do I need to contact

A) The Social Security Administration (SSA) likely wouldn’t keep a copy of a State Department letter in your file. They are focused on verifying your work history and earnings to determine your benefit eligibility.

Here’s why the SSA wouldn’t keep the letter and how to get a new copy:

  • SSA Focus: The SSA primarily deals with work history and earnings verification. They likely wouldn’t need the State Department letter for your benefits.
  • State Department Documents: The State Department would be the appropriate agency to hold onto documents they receive.

Here’s how to get a new copy of the State Department letter:

  1. Contact the State Department: Reach out to the State Department directly and inquire about how to obtain a copy of the letter they received from you. They might have an online request system, require a written request, or offer the option to visit an office in person (depending on the document type).
  2. State Where You Applied: Specify the state department office you submitted the document to when making your inquiry. This will help them locate the specific document you need.

Here are some resources to help you contact the State Department:

  • State Department Website: Visit the U.S. Department of State website (https://www.state.gov/) and look for a section on “Contact Us” or “Obtaining Records.”
  • National Archives: If the document was related to passports or citizenship, it might be stored with the National Archives. You can find their website at https://www.archives.gov/.

By contacting the State Department directly, you should be able to obtain a new copy of the letter you need.

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