I need to get my name changed on my SS card since I recently got married

A) Congratulations on your recent marriage! You will need to update your Social Security card with your new name. Here are the steps you should take:

  1. Gather the necessary documents: You will need to provide evidence of your name change, such as a marriage certificate, as well as identification documents like a driver’s license or passport.
  2. Fill out the application: You can fill out the application for a new Social Security card online at the Social Security Administration (SSA) website or in person at your local SSA office.
  3. Submit your application and documents: You can submit your application and required documents in person at your local SSA office or by mail. If you choose to mail your application, be sure to send your original documents or certified copies.
  4. Wait for your new Social Security card: Once your application is processed, you should receive your new Social Security card with your updated name in the mail.

Note that it may take several weeks to receive your new card, so it’s important to start the process as soon as possible. You can find more information about changing your name on your Social Security card on the SSA website.

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