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Someone stole my daughters identity. How do i get a new Social Security.#

Q) Someone has stolen my 12 year old daughters identity. I have alerted the police. The Credit Reporting agencies have put out security alerts to protect her identity for the next 60 days. How do I go about having a new S.S.# given to my daughter?

A) According to Social Security Administration – SSA do not routinely assign different Social Security numbers. Generally, only the following circumstances are used to assign a different number:

Sequential numbers have been assigned to members of the same family and are causing problems;
More than one person has been assigned, or is using, the same number;

An individual has religious or cultural objections to certain numbers or digits in the original number;

A victim of identity theft continues to be disadvantaged by using the original number; or

Situations of harassment, abuse, or life endangerment, including domestic violence, has occurred.

To apply for a new number:

Step 1: Complete an Application for a Social Security Card.

Step 2: Gather documents proving:

U.S. citizenship;
Immigration status;
Age (birth certificate or U.S. passport);
Evidence of legal name change; and
Evidence to support your need for a new Social Security number.
Step 3: Take your completed application and documentation to your Social Security Office

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  1. Would you please stops taking taxes out of my social security. I sent a letter to stop this.

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