My experience at Tampa FL Social Security Office – Donna

Your Name (Can Be Anonymous): Donna R….
Your Experience: I have been trying for months to find out why a large amount of money was taken from my checks, it caused me great hardship and I am going to lose my house. I have called been talked to like dog, screamed at that I am not allowed to know who I talk to and hung up on. I have sent requests even to Philadelphia, and letter to my worker ms Natale who I found out by accident was my worker, over a month ago asking for an itemized list of where all that money went for what. This is my money, not an entitlement, the bank cant take money from me and just give me a form letter about where it went. I don’t want to get a lawyer but I cant see what is left. I have letters asking my medicare was canceled while I was working and now I think they charged me for that but I don’t know, because  well I guess they think it is none of my business. I have letters saying it was canceled from SS office and I cant see how you could back charge for something that I was told was canceled and therefore couldn’t use. I know when auto insurance cancels people they cant go back and collect later after you are canceled and I know if someone takes money that belongs to you, they have to inform you what and why.  I expect answers and I want my money back, I am losing everything because of the negligent people handling this business.  I have filed many forms saying it would cause a hardship and they were ignored. I don’t care who I have to call, who I have to tell , I want this taken care of.  You have caused me great harm and stress and I don’t appreciate being treated so badly. I will do whatever I have to for this to be done with.
Do not send me another form letter.
Your Social Security Office City: Frontage road Tampa
Your Social Security Office State: Florida
Your Wait Time: hours

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