My experience at Bismarck ND Social Security Office – Kerry

Your Name (Can Be Anonymous): Kerry G-K
Your Experience: My son, Moses ********** receives SSDI. In December we got a letter saying he was getting reduced checks because ND MA was no longer covering him, although we got a letter in November saying he was covered. Then after we heard from social security, we got a letter saying we “failed to provide proof” from the social service office. Calling them, they say it was an error, form letter, and all was okay. Called last week and he is inactive with them. They finally look into it and it is an error.
I sent in an appeal based upon knowing we had done what we were supposed to do and have heard absolutely nothing from Social Security and unknown from social services how long it will take the “state” to correct their error.
I try calling the social security office here as we also have a change to report for Moses and all we ever get is the busy signal, no matter what time of day.
I am employed so every time I have to take time off, and have Moses take hours off to be there, it is difficult. And then to sit for hours and wait. My son has cerebral palsy and has had many surgeries which would make it hard for him to sit for several hours in the chairs at the office. I had requested we be contacted for an apt as I know how hard it is to get through on the phone. No call has been made and it has been a month.
I am trying again, from work, repeatedly today and getting the busy signal. So I guess we will just be dealing with this continued lack of response for who knows how long.
My number is 222-*******, Ext. 112 at work, and Moses number is 2*********3 or our home number is 701-***-1****. If I got an appointment time, I would take time off and make sure we were there to see a worker.
Your Social Security Office City: Bismarck
Your Social Security Office State: ND
Your Wait Time: NA

Time: January 27, 2015 at 10:28 am

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