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My experience at Long Island City NY Social Security Office – Caroline

Your Name (Can Be Anonymous): Caroline Fous

Your Experience: My father passed away 11/6 and my mother is the beneficiary. She received the benefit letter which stated her benefit will be discontinued & she will receive my fathers. His payments were $1486 per month and her amount would now be $1591. On 12/3 she received $1486. This is incorrect and my sister who has Power of Attorney went to the office. The supervisor would not speak with her even with the POA and said our mother has to appear in person. Our mother has Alzheimers, can barely walk and is REQUIRED to appear???? We have POA so why can’t this mistake be corrected??? This is YOUR mistake and my mother is suffering the loss due to your ineptitude. Why can’t she be represented by my sister with the POA??????? Horrible people.

Time: December 4, 2015 at 2:32 pm

Your Social Security Office City: Long Island City

Your Social Security Office State: New York

Your Wait Time:

Can i work while receiving disability benefits. i’m not sure if i can or not.

Q) 1. Can i work while receiving disability benefits. i’m not sure if i can or not. 2. when do i need to stop the disability portion of my benefits? Thank You A) According to Social Security Administration: Special rules make it possible for people receiving Social Security disability benefits or Supplemental Security Income (SSI) to… Continue Reading

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