My experience at Nashville TN Social Security Office – anon

Your Name (Can Be Anonymous): anonymous
Your Experience: Basically, I have been trying to get benefits for my son since may 2014. he is 18 years old and a senior this yr.  I have submitted all of the required paperwork needed for a child who is home schooled, including a letter from TN board of education’s director of non public schools. from what SS has been telling me his paperwork is in “payables” now, and has been there since august.  the associate, Amanda, I had an appointment with in Nashville, stated she has gone over my son’s file with her supervisor, who use to work in payables, and was told that the file had what was required. that was 2 weeks ago. I went back this past Monday for an update and the woman at the window this time was so very rude! I explained that Amanda had my original paperwork and she had called me twice to update me.  the woman said that didn’t mean anything, all Amanda did was scan in my paperwork. I was there to find out about Amanda’s conversation with payables. the woman told me Amanda wasn’t there, which wasn’t true, I had just seen her walk by in the back and I told her so.  she chose to ignore me.  then rudely she informed me she wasn’t going to give me any information about my sons check even though I was his mother because he’s 18 now(yes, he’s 18 but in tutorial school all day and he doesn’t know the 1st thing about resolving a problem like this).  I said I didn’t understand cause everyone else had helped me along the way.  well, she says I’m not everyone else.  I thought that was very odd, the 5-7 people I had seen in Nashville since May have been as helpful as they could be.  never did they discuss how much money or anything like that. they were just trying to find out what was wrong with my paperwork in the beginning. I would go back to the Clarksville, TN office but I’m sorry that’s where all the problems began.  I was told I could go to any SS office but she said I had to go back to my old office.  I choose Nashville.  everyone has been so professional and helpful except that last woman, and I really don’t know what they re doing up in Clarksville, TN. Sorry.

Your Social Security Office City: Nashville
Your Social Security Office State: Tennessee
Your Wait Time: 2.5 hrs

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