My experience at Ogden UT Social Security Office – Brian

Your Name (Can Be Anonymous): Brian J,
Your Experience: I was called by a Carolyn B…. regarding a voice mail I had left her the day before. I was inquiring about th status of my Medicare Part B enrollment status. She informed me, in her words, “that is not my job.” She also stated she had no idea who to tell me to go to. When I asked to speak to her superior, she hung up on me. I originally spoke with an agent via th nationwide toll free number at the end of August who assured me my Part B coverage would start Oct. 1 along with my Part A. I was utilizing the 9 month trial work period and had been covered by my employers insurance plan, so I declined Part B. However, due to the nature of my disability, I was only able to work 4 months before resigning (the end of August when I spoke to Social Security). The agent I spoke with sent me a form in the mail for me to send back, which I did the day I received it (I believe that date was August 30). I’d like to know why that hadn’t been processed. I also need the superior of Carolyn B,,, to contact me at (801) ***-**** to discuss her telling me “that’s not my job” and why she is allowed to hang up on people who need assistance. I could be mistaken, but I believe Social Security agents are paid via tax dollars. If that is the case, I’m an angry, dissatisfied tax payer. If it’s not the case, please educate me. ABSOLUTELY DISGUSTING CUSTOMER SERVICE BY A SUB-PAR AGENCY!
Your Social Security Office City: Ogden
Your Social Security Office State: Utah
Your Wait Time: 24 Hours

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