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Wondering what I’m to do if someone cashed my disability checks?

Q) I was wondering what I’m supposed to do about finding out if someone cashed my disability checks that I get from my dad being on disability. I had three checks that I am pretty sure someone stole from me and cashed because I can’t find them. How can I find out if they have been cashed and if they have can I get a replacement?

A) According to the social security administration: If you are living in the U.S. and you do not receive your check within three business days after it is usually mailed, contact the Social Security office right away. Also call the Social Security office if your check has been stolen, lost, destroyed, or forged. Be prepared to provide the Social Security office with the following information:

The claim number (see §133) on which the benefit is being paid;

The period of payment covered by the missing check (or checks); and

The name and address which should be shown on the check.

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Where and who do I report an fraudulent disability claim?

Q) Where and who do I report an fraudulent disability claim that is scheduled for a final hearing this upcoming week in Charleston, SC. A) According to Social Security Administration website – You can use this online form to report allegations of fraud, waste, and abuse concerning SSA programs and operations. Our office also addresses allegations of criminal… Continue Reading

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  1. I need my w2 form so husband can go get taxes done.I never received it.what do I need to do?

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