How can I get a copy of my 2013 SS earnings on line?

Q) How can I get a copy of my 2013 SS earnings on line?

A) According to Social Security Administration – services can I access through my Social Security?

Depending on your situation, you can see your earnings and estimated future benefits. You may also be able to print and save a copy of your Social Security Statement or Benefit Verification Letter.

If you already receive benefits for Social Security retirement, survivors or disability; or if you get Supplemental Security Income or Medicare, you can see your:

Benefit payment amount;
Breakdown of current payment calculation;
Payment history;
Medicare information;
Overpayment information;
Payment type;
Contact; and
Representative payee information.
Additionally, if you receive Social Security retirement, survivors or disability benefits, you can:

Update contact information;
Sign up for direct deposit; and
Update direct deposit information.
If you receive Medicare only, you can update your contact information.

To access your personal information, go to my Social Securityto create an account.

Getting Earning Statement by Mail

To get copies of your earning statement please fill out the REQUEST FOR SOCIAL SECURITY EARNINGS INFORMATION

Mail the completed form, supporting documentation,
and applicable fee to:

Social Security Administration
Division of Earnings Record Operations
P.O. Box 33003
Baltimore, Maryland 21290-3003


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