I received a letter dated 8/4/23 and rec’d 8/11/23 with instructions to call at 888/771-2319 I’ve called her on 8/15 and 8/17 and she hasn’t returned my calls. My time is limited to 10 days. I have to correct things on the letter and get clarification on things I didn’t understand and update rent increase/food.

A) It seems like you’re dealing with an urgent situation related to a letter you received and need to get in touch with someone at a specific number. Here’s a suggested course of action:

  1. Try Calling Again: Since you’ve already called twice and haven’t received a response, try calling again. Sometimes, people can be busy or have unexpected delays in returning calls.
  2. Leave a Detailed Message: If you get voicemail again, leave a detailed message mentioning your name, contact information, the date you received the letter, and your concerns or questions. Politely request a callback at their earliest convenience.
  3. Send an Email: If possible, send an email to the provided email address (if available in the letter) explaining your situation and questions. This provides an additional channel of communication.
  4. Consider Different Time Zones: If the Social Security office is located in a different time zone, consider the time difference when making your calls. Try to call during their working hours.
  5. Visit in Person (if feasible): If the office is located nearby, consider visiting in person to get your questions addressed. This could potentially be more effective in urgent situations.
  6. Document Your Attempts: Keep a record of your attempts to contact them. Note down the date, time, and method of communication for each attempt. This documentation could be useful if there are any complications later.
  7. Seek Assistance: If you’re running out of time and are unable to get through or receive a response, you might consider seeking help from a local Social Security office or a relevant authority that can provide guidance on what to do next.
  8. Review the Letter: In the meantime, carefully review the letter you received to understand the corrections, clarifications, and updates that are required. Make a list of specific questions you need answers to.
  9. Consider Legal Assistance: If you believe that the matters discussed in the letter are legally significant or complicated, you might want to consider seeking advice from a legal professional who specializes in such matters.

Remember, the key is to remain patient and persistent while trying to get in touch with the Social Security office. It’s possible that they are experiencing a high volume of calls or have other operational issues that are causing delays in their response.

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