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If i am claimed on my daurghter tax return can i still apply for foodstamps

Q) if i am claimed on my daurghter and soninlaw tax return can i still apply for foodstamps if i qulify

A) You may well qualify for Food Stamp. Please see the income eligibility guidelines below.

Households have to meet income tests unless all members are receiving TANF, SSI, or in some places general assistance. Most households must meet both the gross and net income tests, but a household with an elderly person or a person who is receiving certain types of disability payments only has to meet the net income test. Households, except those noted, that have income over the amounts listed below cannot get SNAP benefits.

(Oct. 1, 2013 through Sept. 30, 2014)

Household size Gross monthly income
(130 percent of poverty)
Net monthly income
(100 percent of poverty)


$1,245 $ 958


1,681 1,293


2,116 1,628


2,552 1,963


2,987 2,298


3,423 2,633


3,858 2,968


4,294 3,303

Each additional member

+436 +335

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  1. I was need needing a cash advance of 300 dollars for food clothes Bills and for Christmas please for my daughter please help me you can take it back out next month. Thank you

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