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I have never accepted medicaid and it has caused me several problems ….

Q) I faxed Mary my decline letter that I filed for Medicaid and also sent a copy via Mail this morning. I have never accepted medicaid and it has caused me several problems because they took it upon themselves ti issue it anyway. I have a primary Ins. Co. through my husbands employer. Please refund all the money that was paid on medicaid, the card I received I sent back as well. We do not need this coverage at this time. Please call me @ 540-***-2651 or Cell # 540-***-5662. If I can help in anyway possible please do not hesitate to call. I had to wait 3 days for oxygen because of this mess. My Insurance is paying for it. I’m sorry but I thought the card showed I had SS not medicaid. This is all new to me. Thanks so much for your help.
Ursula H B****** SS# on file with you. I am pretty ill and can not get to the office myself. No one will help me. Have a great weekend. I will try!!!!!

A) Please follow up with your local social security office to complete the process of getting your refund.

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