I have never accepted medicaid and it has caused me several problems ….

Q) I faxed Mary my decline letter that I filed for Medicaid and also sent a copy via Mail this morning. I have never accepted Medicaid and it has caused me several problems because they took it upon themselves to issue it anyway. I have a primary Ins. Co. through my husbands employer. Please refund all the money that was paid on Medicaid, the card I received I sent back as well. We do not need this coverage at this time. If I can help in anyway possible please do not hesitate to call. I had to wait 3 days for oxygen because of this mess. My Insurance is paying for it. I’m sorry but I thought the card showed I had SS not Medicaid. This is all new to me. Thanks so much for your help.  I am pretty ill and can not get to the office myself. No one will help me. Have a great weekend. I will try!!!!!

A) If you believe that you were mistakenly enrolled in Medicaid and received benefits that you were not eligible for, you should contact your state’s Medicaid office or the agency that handles Medicaid in your state. You can find contact information for your state’s Medicaid agency on the Medicaid website.

When you contact the Medicaid office, explain the situation and provide any documentation you have to support your claim, such as a copy of your insurance card or a letter from your insurance company. The Medicaid office will investigate the matter and determine whether you were enrolled in error and whether any payments made on your behalf should be refunded.

It’s important to note that Medicaid rules and procedures may vary by state, so it’s a good idea to confirm any information with your state’s Medicaid agency.

If you need assistance with this process or have questions about your Medicaid coverage or eligibility, you may want to consider speaking with a Medicaid counselor or representative. Your state’s Medicaid agency can provide information on how to find a counselor in your area.

I hope this information is helpful, and I wish you all the best.

Please follow up with your local social security office to complete the process of getting your refund.

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