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My experience at Easton PA Social Security Office – Dorina

Your Name (Can Be Anonymous): Dorina M…
Your Experience: I am writing today regarding my experience at the Brooklyn NY office on 17th ave.  I recently moved to PA, so that’s why my local office reflects a PA one.

Before I moved to PA, I visited the 17th ave Social security office to apply for retirement benefits.  On August 26th, I met with Mrs. W**g.  After having received all of the necessary information and scanning or copying the documents to my file, Mrs. W**g informed me that I was missing one piece of information.  Even with this information missing, Mrs. W**g informed me that she would open a file for my application.  She told me that I should bring the missing piece of info to my local SSA office, once I move to PA, which was that same week.  I did just as she told me but unfortunately there was no record of my paperwork or application for retirement.  I called and spoke to Mrs W**g during the second week of November.  Once she opened up my record, she remembered me.  I asked her if she could help me and she quickly answered “I told you, you moved, you don’t belong here anymore.”  Before I could ask her anything else, she abruptly hung up the phone.

Please know that I understand that the SSA office is very busy, but surely this behavior is not called for.  Could she not have stated the information a little more professionally?  Mrs. W**g was very rude and abrupt and needs to be spoken to regarding her attitude.
Your Social Security Office City: Easton
Your Social Security Office State: PA
Your Wait Time: 25 min

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4 Responses to I have been on permanent disability since i was 48 years old, now….

  1. can you stay working at the same job and still collect your social security???

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