My experience at Racine WI Social Security Office – Elisa

Your Name (Can Be Anonymous): Elisa B….
Your Experience: Dear Social Security Administration,

I was utterly disgusted with the treatment I recieved in the Racine Office! The gentleman at the front desk was rude and scolded me like a child!  I’ve never been so degraded in my life! The outdated touchscreen that was in the office was not taking my social security number and we walked in at 2:45 pm. I pulled out the keyboard drawer to use the mouse to put my social security number in. He raised his voice and told me what do you think your doing! I am not a rude person by any means but I was very upset to be treated in that regard! The security guard was more helpful than the actual representative! Your office in Racine closes at 3:00 pm. I would like to discuss this matter further someone with an attitude like that should not be working in customer service!

Elisa B…..
Your Social Security Office City: Racine
Your Social Security Office State: Wisconsin
Your Wait Time: 4 min

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