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  1. I am a 75 year old woman, and my experience at the 237 W. 48th St. office was horrible. I sometimes have difficulty understanding the forms and the questions that are asked, and the workers did not make it easy for me, in fact they had me to come back and forth to the office more than 8 times in a 4 month time frame. I am disabled in a motorized chair, and I had to constantly run around to get information for them that in the end still was not enough. I have had no income since October and with all the information I gave them my case is still pending until I was given another appointment for July 26, 2019. I am so tired, and the worst part of it all if I only had someone to explain my options better so the I could answer one question on my waiver form correctly I probably could have saved all that traveling in the cold, causing my bones to ache so much. I pray those workers have more compassion for people, because I am sure if it was their mother or grandmother they would really be offended.

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