I am a retired U.S citizen living abroad, How do I go about applying for Social Security Number

Q) I am a retired U.S citizen living abroad. I was legally married six years ago to a foreign national woman from China who has 2 dependent children. I would like to be able to include her and the children on my US tax return, as legal deductions. How do I go about applying for either a SSN or an ITIN for her at this time. Thank you in advance for your prompt reply. Jack

A) According to the Social Security Administration: Throughout the world, there are a number of American embassies and consulates who have specially trained personnel that provide a full range of Social Security services, including the taking of applications for benefits. By locating your country of residence via the link below, you can access information on the Social Security-trained U.S. embassy or consulate that provide services for that country: http://www.socialsecurity.gov/foreign/foreign.htm

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